Fireplaces are an addition to a home that can play an aesthetic appeal role and bring warmth and comfort to your spaces. Several homeowners love a DIY project as it can be challenging and rewarding. The one thing you should refrain from doing yourself might be a fireplace installation. Here is your guide to answering the question of “why” hire a professional.

Why a professional?

Ensure that your chimney fits your fireplace 

It might seem like an easy thing, but it is not. 

Chimneys are responsible for taking the air out. Hence they need to be the proper size to be able to take the air out and prevent your spaces from filling up with smoke or carbon dioxide when you light up your fireplace. Not only that but different chimney liners are made up of different types of heating fuels so a gas fireplace might not be able to take up the fumes for a wooden fireplace. Professionals know exactly what to fit where.  

Follow the building codes 

A professional will be well-versed in the codes that apply to fireplaces and chimneys in the buildings. As they are experienced in the field they know how to deal with all the pipes and where the exhausts and vents are to safely take the air out. Not only that but they can also be experienced at helping you attain the certificates required for the different kinds of fireplace installations. 

Expert knowledge 

The professionals are competent in the field hence they have the knowledge and the skills to properly and carefully install the different types of fireplaces. They know the best placement to install the fireplace, the materials required for it, and the safest way to install it. 


Fireplaces have a risk factor of fire and other damages if they are not installed properly. Professionals are well-versed and they understand the safety issues, hence are properly equipped and take the necessary precautions to carry out the process. 


As they are professionals that means they have the required skills and expertise which means that they will be efficient and get the job done in time saving you time. 


Professionals use top-quality products as well as tools to carry out the installation that gives a good result and longevity. Thus this can give you peace of mind. 


Professionals often provide warranties for their work which means that if something goes wrong it will be dealt with free of cost. This helps put one at ease as you will not have to chase and have to go buy new products. 

Cost savings

 Professional fireplace installers offer a lower rate and costs compared to contractors. Hence, they can install the fireplace efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Ensure all necessary infrastructure is in place 

There are different requirements for different types of fireplaces. For example, a gas fireplace requires a proper gas line in place, an electrical fireplace requires a proper electrical connection, and a wooden fireplace will require proper inserts. A professional knows so they are aware of how each looks like so they can guide you as well as carry out the installation properly.


A professional will come home and do all the installation for you as well as come well-equipped so you do not have to go through the hassle of arranging the tools and materials required. It will keep you at ease, as you sit back and relax while your fireplace comes into play. 


With years of experience in the field, they take pride in their work and have a passion for it. They try their best to focus on the details and give you exceptional results, so you spread the good word about them and hire them in the future. As a result, this keeps the business running and remains profitable. 


Professionals will ensure that after the installation they will do a test to make sure that the fireplace is working. Later they will clean up the space for any fireplace-related mess, saving you the hassle and the stress of doing so and disposing of the waste carefully. 

What is the best fireplace for you?


The best type must be based on your personal choice and the present structural things. 


Gas fireplace: These kinds of fireplaces are easy to light up as you just have to turn the knob and the fireplace will light up. 


Wood-burning fireplace: The smell of a wood-burning fireplace is quite authentic as well as it gives the aesthetic fire appeal and soothing crackling sounds. However, it requires wood so buying cutting, and storing can be a bit of a hassle. 


Electrical fireplace: This might be another choice and is simple as it does not require burning any combustible fuels


Fireplaces bring a warm and cozy feeling in the homes along with adding to the aesthetics of the space. As fireplace involves a connection with fire it is best to hire trained professionals for the installation process as they are well-versed and know how to tackle each situation. It is essential to carry out the installation correctly by focusing on the chimneys as they are responsible for taking out the carbon dioxide and the other fumes formed through lighting up the fireplace. There is a wide variety of fireplaces which you can choose from, from simple to complex. Hiring a professional to install will keep you at ease and ensure your safety.  

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